Saturday, November 29, 2008

When He Reigns

Well, I thought I might actually try "blogging" something... just sitting in the lounge after putting my daughter Catherine to bed, I was just thinking about the book of Revelations... I think it's my favourite book at the moment... and just thinking why.. it's probably because the atrocities that happen in the world distress me. I think about it alot, and it really marrs my experience on earth because I don't enjoy being in a world where people suffer beyond belief. That's why I find the book of Revelations so encouraging. I don't worry about the Judgement day for myself. I can't change the past and I beleive I'm clay in the potters hands anyway, but I just LOVE the bit when the people before the throne stand up and basically say... YES, God, you finally REIGN, for good, as you should. (to paraphrase). I get it. I get the joy. No more suffering... I won't list the things that go through my mind, but no more of it anyway. Looking forward to that day, that's for sure.

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Luarna said...

wow. thats a real insight and so encouraging. i have been finding it hard to read the bible lately. maybe i will try revelation. I enjoy reading your musings. very insightfull. love ya